Furniture, Accessory and Lighting Fairs can not only be a great opportunity to be introduced to new product, but to also be inspired by the creative efforts of the vendors to display their wares. Granted, in years’ past, much of what was shown was just a reiteration of years previous. 2013 is an exception to say the very least.

The vendors showed great effort in not only understand the revised direction of design – meaning lower budgets with even less patient clients (shortened lead times) – but a return to materials that are not only luxe but also cost conscious.

But how do you walk a fair – to take it all in?

You could spend days checking out each booth. Often, the way in which you experience it is like that of being led from one exciting thing to the next.

Give yourself the opportunity to stroll through and get invigorated.

Then take a more detailed approach.

Make sure to get the literature, take away’s and get your badge scanned.

Realizing this advice is late – it is still a wonderful approach for future shows.

All the best to you in design!