Part of being in Interior Design is the joy of finished room – not just upholstered pieces, but cabinetry, tables, bookcases, art, accessories… but the way all of these items come together and create an expression, a feeling, a moment – a place for memories, for a family to grow in (and sometimes out of) – to gather and entertain…

When starting a brand new project, you have the freedom to try something new, something different. But when you inherit a project or have to work with existing pieces, it can get very challenging.

In New York City, we struggle with those clients with townhouses or brownstones. It is a rarity you find them wide enough for two spacious rooms. Usually the width is enough for a room and a hallway. This is typically as many of the facades on the street are three windows wide.

I am just staring a project in a great section of Brooklyn called Boerum Hill. The clients I have worked with in the past and they have brought me back to figure out their next steps with their townhouse.

The Foyer, Kitchen, Dining and Living Area is all on the Parlor Level which means high ceilings and great amounts of light. The street is tree-lined and very picturesque when viewed from the kitchen which is in the front.

What they are struggling with and why they have brought me back is that for this home – they hired a different architect but no designer. They have come to realize that they can’t do the interior design themselves and the lack of storage and planning for livability of this active family can’t continue.

We are faced with the built-in questions: Cabinetry. Dining. (Questions of round table, square table, rectangular? Should the seating be a banquette a bench or chairs?)

At the heart of it all is the lifestyle they want to have and the moments they want the space to envelope.