When you are in the design business, it seems that friends enjoy asking your for your professional opinion about finds at flea markets and vintage stores.
Sometimes, these questions invariably are irritating. But there are a few, that strike your fantasy for those goldmines that are hidden and under-appreciated.
It isn’t the seller’s responsibility to know the exact pedigree of pieces they are selling. At the end of it all, it must be the buyer’s love of the piece.
Value isn’t guaranteed. After all, a piece will usually fetch more in an urban area than a suburban one.
Take for instance a friend locating two Asian inspired slipper chairs. They have a brass frame – very heavy – the lacquer looks in good condition and the upholstery appears to be original and as well art deco inspired.
She loved them because they were different.
She paid $40 for the pair which she thought wasn’t cheap.
I saw and wondered immediately where she got them.
Vintage she said.
It is at these times you go green with envy – just there in the eyes.
I had to do some research and stumbled across them on 1st dibs which then directed me to a high-end antique store in New York City.
I inquired for the price and even I was shocked.
$8500 for the pair.
What? That much?
Well, good for her.
What are her next steps? She just wants to enjoy them.